Italian: [ma'estro]

meaning master or teacher.  A title of respect given to a master artist, usually someone with a strong knowledge who instructs others in the field.  


Working with MCS is not just buying a service, it's securing a partner to work in collaboration with your team towards a common vision and goal.  


At Maestro Consulting Solutions we do not sell consultants, we sell a collective solution and a pool of knowledge to which all of our consultants will participate in, either directly or indirectly. We work with our clients to ensure that the right skillset it applied to the program at the right time, changing and adapting to ensure the most efficient and successful path to meeting your goals.


Maestro Consulting Solutions believes that no client is alike – all clients have different needs and desired outcomes. Customized service offerings are core to Maestro’s approach.


The Syphony Project Methodology ensures consistent deliverables to each client while still allowing engagements to be customized to fit their needs.

Maestro Careers

The time has never been better to join the Maestro Consulting Team. We are surpassing all of our growth projections and new career opportunities are presenting themselves every day. We are looking for the most dynamic, focused and motivated full time employees and contract consultants to help us with our growth and success. Join our team today!